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What on earth is a Burl? It sounds like “hurl” which does NOT sound appetizing. So what is a "Burl"?? Burls are those g-narly g-nasty guh-ugly looking things on the sides of trees and trunks. They are all over the place and can make your already not so great looking Boxelder tree look even worse. So what do Burls that have to do with wood working? Well, believe me or not, but Burls are the PRETTIEST parts of the tree that you can ever find. YUP. Ill prove it to you.    Burls are growths in a tree caused by injury, stress, or fungus, although it's most commonly from insect or mold infestations. The tree makes a "burl" to protect...

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We have a mill. We make logs into boards The End. Just kidding. Ok. Short history lesson: Throughout the ages, people have needed the ability to cut logs into boards.The earliest known mechanical mill was one in Rome, powered by water and dating back to the 3rd century AD. It soon spread across Europe through the 11th Century.   Until the 1800s, men would cut logs using a whipsaw. One man would stand on the log and the other man below him in a pit or under a support and they would work the saw back and forth, slowly cutting the log into boards.          When the Industrial Revolution hit in the 1800s, steam power allowed for...

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