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Piano Time!

It has been a long time since we last posted. Frankly, we have been so crazy busy that we have forgotten to write and take pictures! But today, there is a good story for you. This is our newest design, and in its trial run this year. The Piano Tie! So here, is short is how we do it.  We measure as close as we can to the lengths and sizes everything needs to be. Its all so varied: 1/2, 3/4, 3/8. We need the black and white keys and then the pieces in between them all! So we set them up on the chop saw and use a jig like always so we can cut them all to the...

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Now, so here we go on another topic: Jigs. According to Wikipedia, “A jig's primary purpose is to provide repeatability, accuracy and interchangeability in the manufacturing of products. A jig is often confused with a fixture; a fixture holds the work in a fixed location. A device that does both functions (holding the work and guiding a tool) is called a jig.” So long story short: A jig is something we use to make the work go faster, help us cut things all to the same length, sand things to the same shape, design things exactly the same way as the next thing, or even the one before. Jigs in a wood shop are priceless. PRICELESS!! They are especially important when doing large...

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