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What on earth is a Burl? It sounds like “hurl” which does NOT sound appetizing. So what is a "Burl"?? Burls are those g-narly g-nasty guh-ugly looking things on the sides of trees and trunks. They are all over the place and can make your already not so great looking Boxelder tree look even worse. So what do Burls that have to do with wood working? Well, believe me or not, but Burls are the PRETTIEST parts of the tree that you can ever find. YUP. Ill prove it to you.    Burls are growths in a tree caused by injury, stress, or fungus, although it's most commonly from insect or mold infestations. The tree makes a "burl" to protect...

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7 Tips : Injuries

So here's the thing…. sometimes people get hurt in carpentry shops. You know what I'm talking about. Cue the elderly old men again with beards telling you haunting stories of how they “chopped off 3 whole fingers on the table saw” or “got my hand caught in the gears”...... Dang. BUT the good thing is that often, if you do things smart, you won't get hurt. That bad. Okay.... Let me explain. Every single carpenter is bound to come up against slivers, (splinters) cuts, bruises, pinches and whacked knuckles or stubbed toes. It just happens! We work in an almost manual labor job peeps, there ain't no way you ain’t gonna get hurt with little things like that. It comes...

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Get To Know Us A Bit

Dear Readers, I have never written a blog. I have never even really read a blog. Oh well. So, when I hear the work “woodshop” I think of bearded men wearing leather tool belts and aprons and where you learn to make tables from old 2x4s and bookshelves for your closet. Now, we have our fair share of “men with beards” here but there is a lot more to us and the average carpentry shop than you might think. Here at Woodlands, there are 5 of us. Todd and Lee are the owners and then come their children: Jess (26), Tara (21) and Jason (20) who have grown up in this shop since we were small. As kids we gotten...

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