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What on earth is a Burl? It sounds like “hurl” which does NOT sound appetizing. So what is a "Burl"?? Burls are those g-narly g-nasty guh-ugly looking things on the sides of trees and trunks. They are all over the place and can make your already not so great looking Boxelder tree look even worse. So what do Burls that have to do with wood working? Well, believe me or not, but Burls are the PRETTIEST parts of the tree that you can ever find. YUP. Ill prove it to you.    Burls are growths in a tree caused by injury, stress, or fungus, although it's most commonly from insect or mold infestations. The tree makes a "burl" to protect...

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“Wood Diaries: Russian Olive”

Russian Olive is considered a noxious weed in many places in the United States, especially here in Utah. Many people try and get rid of the tree because it competes with other native vegetation and is very drought tolerant, often taking over spots along the banks of rivers and streams as it sucks on the moisture and nutrients. Birds eat the seeds like crazy and spread them everywhere, again affecting other plants in the area as the range of this plant grows. But despite all these negative outlooks on the tree, the wood is beautiful! Russian Olive is a yellowish brown color which has amazing figure and is often used in many of our ties and designer products. Its a...

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