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What on earth is a Burl? It sounds like “hurl” which does NOT sound appetizing. So what is a "Burl"?? Burls are those g-narly g-nasty guh-ugly looking things on the sides of trees and trunks. They are all over the place and can make your already not so great looking Boxelder tree look even worse. So what do Burls that have to do with wood working? Well, believe me or not, but Burls are the PRETTIEST parts of the tree that you can ever find. YUP. Ill prove it to you.    Burls are growths in a tree caused by injury, stress, or fungus, although it's most commonly from insect or mold infestations. The tree makes a "burl" to protect...

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I Have Accepted My Fate….

So here’s the thing about being a carpenter or one that works in a carpentry shop…. you end up eating a lot of sawdust. I’m pretty sure that as the 3rd generation here and at 21 years of age I have most likely eaten at least two pounds of sawdust. My dad, Todd, (a bit older than 21) has probably eaten at least 6. Now of course this is me counting from the time that I was toddling around in diapers but still….that’s a lot. When you start out, you are always sneezing and coughing and blowing off all the sawdust over yourself, your projects, your water bottle or half eaten apples sitting on the corner of the table…. but...

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Our "Wooden Inspirations"

Dear Readers, Most woodworking blogs are “Do It Yourself” kind of things where you learn how to take 2x4s and make new bookshelves out of them. On THIS blog though, there might be some DIY stuff but mostly tips and hints on projects and woodworking, wood types and challenges that we’ve encountered and problems we’ve solved. Im also hoping to let you in on a “taste of life in a carpentry shop” and the adventures of us as Woodland Inspirations. I hope that not only you get to learn about woodworking, the woodworking life, the ups and downs of the job and all that it entails, but also and what it's really like to work in a shop, the nitty-grittys...

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