Piano Time!

It has been a long time since we last posted. Frankly, we have been so crazy busy that we have forgotten to write and take pictures! But today, there is a good story for you.

This is our newest design, and in its trial run this year. The Piano Tie!

So here, is short is how we do it. 

We measure as close as we can to the lengths and sizes everything needs to be. Its all so varied: 1/2, 3/4, 3/8. We need the black and white keys and then the pieces in between them all! So we set them up on the chop saw and use a jig like always so we can cut them all to the same length. We then separated them out in a box so we knew which pieces from what. 

So we started with the White keys and the spaces in between them. It seemed to stretch out forever, using more that 65 pieces for just that one side!

So as those were drying, we glued up the Black keys. Now, the black keys are a little trickier because the involve not only the black key, with 2 different sizes of white parts in-between them. It was also a crazy process and involved 60 more pieces, all being glued together in section: 3 black keys versus the 2 black keys. 

Now comes the tricky part. We had to cut the whites out to match the blacks and them put them together as well in sections so we could line them up JUST RIGHT!

So then began the process of cutting the edges of these down straight so we could put one last strip of walnut between them to indicate the spaces between the keys. So we table sawed the edges and glued them together, lining up the middle part just right to come out to what we have now! 


Now just some last minute sanding and checking!

Looks pretty good to me! Tell us what you think on facebook or here on our website! 


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