I Have Accepted My Fate….

So here’s the thing about being a carpenter or one that works in a carpentry shop…. you end up eating a lot of sawdust. I’m pretty sure that as the 3rd generation here and at 21 years of age I have most likely eaten at least two pounds of sawdust. My dad, Todd, (a bit older than 21) has probably eaten at least 6. Now of course this is me counting from the time that I was toddling around in diapers but still….that’s a lot.

When you start out, you are always sneezing and coughing and blowing off all the sawdust over yourself, your projects, your water bottle or half eaten apples sitting on the corner of the table…. but sooner or later you just shrug and eat it.


It sounds weird, but its true.

You reach the point of no return and you just don’t mind eating a little bit of it now and again because you know it's everywhere in the shop and therefore you cannot get away from it. Sawdust in your cereal bowl? Just blow it out. Sawdust in your water cup? Just mix it up a little bit. Sawdust mixed with your sunflower seeds or crackers or anything? Just eat it.

Problem solved.

At this point I have just accepted my fate. I'm destined to eat sawdust.

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