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Dear Readers,

I have never written a blog.

I have never even really read a blog.

Oh well.

So, when I hear the work “woodshop” I think of bearded men wearing leather tool belts and aprons and where you learn to make tables from old 2x4s and bookshelves for your closet. Now, we have our fair share of “men with beards” here but there is a lot more to us and the average carpentry shop than you might think.

Here at Woodlands, there are 5 of us. Todd and Lee are the owners and then come their children: Jess (26), Tara (21) and Jason (20) who have grown up in this shop since we were small. As kids we gotten to see the business grow not only in types of work that we do but also in size and abilities. We’ve all been able to help and grow and develop along with some of our most know products like our Wooden Ties or Wooden Spheres.

So a little explanation of “The Shop”. Located in Northern Utah, we have 1 big bay with a homemade kiln which we use to dry wood we cut from logs that we mill. We also have 2 other big bays for all our woodworking use, each bay having approximately 4 parking spots…. BUT right now wood (and the Saw Mill) is taking up 5 of those 8. We got a HUGE load of Poplar and Black Willow last week and we are packed!  Add this little “pickle” to the fact that there can be 5 people working here all at the same time (not including people who come by) and we each have our own car which means we have to park farther down the way and then walk. #Banished.

Our main shop has every piece of equipment from banders to sanders to saws to a CNC, along with piles of wood, and several work benches. Our other room is the Spray Room where we put lacquer, stain or paint on ordered products.

We’re a small local business but we do many things here in the Valley from local wood use to Summer Art Fairs, to Father’s Day gifts and classy wooden neckties. Our current wood pile consists of logs from yards that people didn't want and don't know what to do with. So instead of letting them take it to the landfill where they’ll rot, we snatch it up and use it here for all of our products. It's like taking recycling to a whole new level.

So thats us. Small, unique, family centered and creative in what we do and how to get there.

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